EcoCare: Building better, using less

  • Smart irrigation controller helps reduce water use by as much as 50%
    Drought-tolerant landscaping is beautiful and conserves precious water
    Eco-friendly roofing materials are available to help reduce energy use.
    Engineered lumber wood products are made from sustainably farmed lumber
  • All faucets meet Cal Green standards for efficiency
    Energy Star appliances help reduce energy use and costs
    Energy Star rated-tankless water heater reduces energy use and costs
    Fluorescent lighting helps reduce energy use
    Countertops use recycled materials, and water used in processing is recycled
    Flooring materials release no Volatile Organic Compounds and water used in processing is recycled
    U.S.-made materials reduce emissions; finish is eco-friendly
  • Low-E windows provide greater insulation which helps reduce energy use.
    Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) paint helps clear the air
    Programmable thermostat delivers comfort with less energy use
    Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) carpeting helps clear the air